Financial transactions in the 2020s will be driven by peer to peer transactions between digital wallets

.Kred Domains are both fully resolving DNS web and Ethereum Name Service ENS wallet addresses

.Kred Domain Tokens

The evolution of Domain Names

Kred's unique integration with ENS means your web and wallet address are always one and the same

Domains for Websites

Domains for Websites

Traditional Domains have used the Domain Name System (DNS) to link to websites since 1985.

Domains for Wallets

Domains for Wallets

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized naming system that links Domains to digital wallets.

Major Brands are adopting wallet addresses [fa icon="external-link"]

Domains for Both

Domains for Both

.Kred uniquely synchronizes DNS and ENS records. The same name can be used for your website and wallet.

Learn more about Kred's DNS ENS Integration [fa icon="external-link"]

Simplified management with Kred Domain Tokens

Every .Kred Domain is managed by an ERC-721 Domain Token

Manage your Domain

Manage your Domain

The holder of the Kred Domain Token can manage the associated Domain's linked websites and wallets.

Transfer your Domain

Transfer your Domain

Instantly transfer control of your Domain to someone else by sending them the .Kred Domain Token.

Earn Royalties

Earn Royalties

.Kred Domain Tokens track the provenance of the name, and can pay royalties to its initial creator when traded.

The Kred Domain Token Lifecycle

Kred Domain Lifecycle Diagram v1Kred Domain Lifecycle Diagram Vertical v1


Why Brands use .Kred

The benefits of web and wallet naming with the security of an ICANN approved Registry

Financial transactions in the 2020s will be driven by peer to peer transactions between digital wallets.

Many Brands use Corporate Registrars to secure their names and avoid abuse or trademark infringements. You can now help your customers secure their name for financial transactions.

id-card-4 Safe Send API

Kred matches avatars, names and identity verification to .Kred Wallet Addresses. Feel safe knowing that you're really sending to the person you think you are.

help Token Loss Recovery

Lost access to your wallet? Kred's Token Loss Recovery system can safely return your Kred Domain Token to your verified account.

target Abuse and Infringement Protocol

.Kred is an ICANN approved Registry Operator and protects Brands and registered trademarks in accordance with the ICANN Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP).


What to look for

In a Web and Wallet Address

Website Naming  
Connect a domain name to an informational website or page.
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Wallet Naming  
Connect a domain name to your digital wallet without any complex, additional setup.
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Unified Name Transfer  
Wallet address automatically transfers with web address.
[fa icon="check"]
Works on every browser and every device. No browser extension or special apps required.
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Email Support  
Ability to create email addresses (eg with Gmail) that use your Domain.
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Reseller REST API

.Kred provides an API for Reseller Partners to provision and query the status of Domains

  • Check availability and price
  • Registrations
  • Renewals

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{ {
transaction: "CNIC-D0088C16DBBDD7D5A481686530EE3E7E4C75CDE79E466D0024C2793EB08",
expires: "2021-02-27T23:59:59.0Z",
created: "2020-02-27T06:48:55.0Z"

Wholesale Pricing for Reseller Partners

Registration and Annual Renewal Rates



RRP $29

Premium TIER 1


RRP $160

Premium Tier 2


RRP $640

Payable in ETH - Multi-year Registrations Available

Partner FAQs

[fa icon="plus-square"]How can I become a .Kred Reseller Partner?

.Kred Partners are invited to execute the .Kred Reseller Agreement here: www.Domains.Kred/reseller 

Please return the executed agreement to VIP@Support.Kred

[fa icon="plus-square"]Can I become accredited to sell .Kred through Centralnic?

At this stage, Kred's Registry Services Provider Centralnic is not offering accreditation for .Kred Resellers.

To apply to become a .Kred Reseller, please execute the .Kred Reseller Agreement and return the executed agreement to VIP@Support.Kred

[fa icon="plus-square"]Does .Kred support bulk registrations?


Resellers who would like to perform a bulk registration of .Kred Domains can do so by either:

  1. Sharing a list of all requested names in .CSV format with VIP@Support.Kred

  2. Performing a registration call via the .Kred Reseller API
[fa icon="plus-square"]Does .Kred support multi-year registrations?


.Kred Domain Tokens can be registered for up to 10 years before requiring renewal.

[fa icon="plus-square"]Can I register a .Kred Domain Token for a Trademarked name?


.Kred Reseller Partners may register .Kred Domain Tokens for Trademarked names on behalf of their clients.

Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) registered names may be registered without the provision of an SMD file.

.Kred honors decisions under ICANN’s dispute resolution and rights protection policies, including the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) and Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS) and according to the terms of the Terms of Service that sanction illegal use of .Kred services.

If you think there has been an infringement or abuse of a .Kred Domain, please let us know at

[fa icon="plus-square"]Can I set custom nameservers for my clients' domains?


.Kred provides a unique DNS and ENS synchronized solution. Any changes to a domains DNS records are recorded to the ENS contract, and vice versa, where any changes on ENS are reflected on DNS.

This tightly binds the DNS and ENS identities of the domain and avoids a web domain being owned by one person, and the name linking to a wallet being owned by a different person.

To provide this service Kred must retain access to the name's associated nameservers. 

[fa icon="plus-square"]How much are renewals?

During Pre-Registration (until March 20, 2020), Standard and Brand names may be pre-registered for $99, with annual renewals at the same price.

Premium names sold at auction on (March 20 - April 20, 2020) receive the first year's registration for the winning auction price. Annual renewal of these names is at the associated tier price, of either $29, $160 or $640.

During General Availability (from April 20, 2020):

  1. Standard Names may be registered and renewed annually for $29/yr
  2. Premium Names may be registered and renewed annually for either:
    1. $160/yr
    2. $640/yr
[fa icon="plus-square"]What happens if I do not renew a Kred Domain Token?

.Kred Domain Tokens which are not renewed before their expiry date may have the associated domain name and its records (DNS and ENS) deleted.

[fa icon="plus-square"]Can I delete a Kred Domain?


.Kred supports deletion of domains when either:

  1. The associated Kred Domain Token is not renewed before its expiry date

  2. A claim of abuse or infringement has been substantiated, in accordance with the ICANN Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP)
..or at the request of the holder of the associated Kred Domain Token.
[fa icon="plus-square"]How can Reseller Partners manage their clients' domains?

Reseller Partners are given access to a .Kred management interface.

[fa icon="plus-square"]Where are my clients' Kred Domain Tokens?

Unless otherwise requested by the partner, Domain Tokens created by .Kred Reseller Partners are held in a reseller-specific custodial wallet.

Reseller Partners may transfer Domain Tokens held in their custodial wallets on domain by domain basis.

Kred is the producer of the leading Non-Fungible Token event, NFT.NYC [fa icon="external-link"]